Nothing like a little trip to London for a bit of culture!  Last weekend I headed to London to see the Bolshoi Ballet performing at the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden.  They were performing The Flames of Paris, which was a new ballet for me.  It was spectacular.  The dancers were exemplary, beautiful extensions, very expressive and dramatic.  The audience loved their artistry with lots of applause and "Bravo" or "Brava" being shouted out around the auditorium.  I think I lost count of the number of curtain calls.  

Of course, I came across this wobble board with a ballerina on the top in a ballet shop in Covent Garden.  I love how it's combining balance exercises and customizing the board for ballerinas.  The shop was closed at that time, so I couldn't buy it, I don't think I would have had room in my carry-on bag either, but I still loved it!  An excuse to go back to London!