Are you a dancer looking to increase turnout for ballet or flexibility?  Are you wondering if you are ready to go en pointe? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then Deirdre can devise a personalised exercise program incorporating strengthening and stretching to match your needs.

Deirdre has a special interest in dance injury treatment and prevention, having been a dancer herself.  She trained with Sylvia Behan School of Ballet successfully up to Advanced RAD level and in The State Choreographic Institute in Perm, Russia.  She understands the language and technique of dance and has the knowledge and expertise to assist dancers in their recovery from injury.

Deirdre has a wealth of dance physiotherapy experience to draw on, having worked with dancers since 2004, when she worked with Lisa Howell in a dance physiotherapy practice in Sydney.  And since then, with Birmingham Royal Ballet and currently with Ballet Ireland.  She gives dance injury prevention workshops around the country to various dance schools.